Three men and a selfie

7 thoughts on “Three men and a selfie

  1. What a beautiful, modern-moment…framed in a jaunty and timeless setting, with the beautiful reds of brick, and the watchful white-framed windows browed in sober burgundy, and the garden verdure glinting fresh and lovely…the colours are such a delight. With the patio (is it paved with flagstone?) piebald with damp, I suspect there was a recent summer rain. I wonder if the seat was wet when the trio alighted there. 😀 I can smell the rain now, the earth and its sweetness. And these three amigos, their comity so vivid and unrestrained. The marvelous expression of joy playing about the visage of the middle man is absolutely palpable. But the most alluring detail of this photograph to me personally would have to be that dashing blue suit and those especially those marvelous, scintillating shoes!! And mind wanders and wanders, pondering the lives of these three men. Beautiful. Wonderful capture. I so enjoyed this. Thank you. Cheers,

    Autumn Jade


      1. I thought so! What a moment so well-captured. It seems, somehow, you have photographed the quiddity of Friendship itself.

        I would like to one day build up the bravery to attempt similar human moments…I see a sudden glow that comes over a person in a fraction of a second, sometimes, and the beauty or the sadness, or both, can be overwhelming, and I want to take a photograph, but then fear prohibits me from attempting a capture, from asking or even saying a word. I stand frozen, wishing, and then shuffle on, my mind marked by the beauty of that moment.

        You capture this magic very well. Reminds me a bit of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Right-ho, sorry for the rambling! Best wishes to you!

        Autumn Jade


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